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Teruel, University City

Teruel is a small, lively, cultural and historical Spanish city with a vibrant University life. It is part of the autonomous community of Aragon. With 36,000 inhabitants, it is the capital city of a region with a total of 135,000 inhabitants. 

It is located in the northeast of Spain. It is not far from the beaches of the Mediterranean coast (approximately one hour and a half by bus) and is also close to ski resorts (approximately one hour by bus) and mountain areas. In Teruel it is almost always sunny and the sky looks an intense blue. 

As a historic city, it has several monuments (some of them a mixture of Muslim and Christian culture) and a dynamic cultural life. The Mudejar art of Teruel has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.


Teruel lives and loves its University. The Teruel Campus belongs to the University of Zaragoza and has almost 2,000 students. The University of Zaragoza has more than 35,000 students, 2,000 teachers, and 3,000 international students distributed on different campuses throughout the Aragon region, the Teruel Campus being one of them.

Our Campus is made up of four different buildings with large green areas and sport facilities. It has three faculties: the Social Science and Humanities Faculty, the Nursery School, and the Engineering Faculty (called in Spanish “Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Teruel- EUPT”). It also has a modern, fully equipped student residence

Teruel Campus
Let’s focus on the Teruel Engineering Faculty – EUPT

Teruel Engineering Faculty – EUPT

In our Engineering Faculty (EUPT) you will find bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. This web is focused on the bachelor’s degrees. Specifically, we teach two bachelor’s degrees

  • Electronical and Electronic Engineering. Automation Engineering. This bachelor's degree includes robotics, control systems, industrial engineering, analog electronic circuits, digital circuits, microcontrollers, energy systems, electronic materials, computer vision, automation systems, computer hardware, electrical measurements and electronic instrumentation, power electronics, creation of electronic devices, modeling of electrical machines and drives, mechatronic systems, digital signals, environmental engineering, etc. See the full list of subjects here.

  • Computer Science. Computing Engineering: This bachelor's degree includes development and operation of IT systems and applications, operational systems, programming languages, design, creation and integration of hardware and software, software engineering, modelling, design and management of data and information, networks of computers, mobile devices, information technology engineering, Web and multimedia technologies, development of intelligent systems, AI, system administration, etc. See the full list of subjects here.

We have English-friendly subjects/modules specially designed for international students. “English-friendly” means that learning materials are provided in English, evaluation activities are also carried out in English, while lectures remain in Spanish. Tutorial activities/office hours can also be in English.
The list of English-friendly subjects/modules for each bachelor’s degree can be found here: 

Information on the timing of semesters, the teaching and exam period and the vacation schedule can be found here (for the 2023/2024 school year). For the 2024/2025 school year, it will be similar (it is yet to be published).

Classes at EUPT are organized in small groups. You will find theoretical and practical lessons with 10, 20 or 30 students per class (in several courses even less). This allows us to offer personalized attention to each of our students. In addition, each professor has several office hours per week for individualized tutoring. Students can go to the professor's office and have an individual session to solve their doubts. Tutoring sessions/office hours are conducted in English in the English-friedly subjects/modules.

EUPT facilities include fully equipped automation and electronics laboratories, modern computer laboratories, comfortable classrooms prepared for students' use of laptops, etc.

We are also a University of high teaching and research quality. According to the Shanghai ranking (one of the most prestigious in the world in terms of university quality), we are among the 200 best universities in the world in the area of "Automation and Control". This means that we are among the top 1% of the best universities in the world in that area (there are more than 20,000 universities worldwide).

We invite you to get to know us a little better in this video (you can activate the subtitles):

Modern student residence

Teruel Campus has one of the best student residences in Spain. You can access its website here. It was awarded as the best Spanish accommodation for University students.
You will find nice rooms with private bathroom, study area, beautiful views…

CMU Pablo Serrano
The residence has restaurant service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) seven days a week. You will find a variety of up to eight different menus to choose from. 
The residence also has a library, several study rooms, television rooms, game rooms, gym, team work rooms, etc.
The prices of the Teruel Campus residence are public and include access to all facilities and complete meals. It is among the cheapest student residences in Spain. You can find the prices here
If you prefer to stay in an apartment, you can see some available offers here.

Vibrant University life

The Teruel Campus has several services for students. The library of the Campus has a large study area, team work rooms, tens of thousands of books and references and... it is open more than twelve hours a day!

The University Sports Activities Service organizes instructor-led activities, sports tournaments between students from different faculties, and outdoor activities (hiking in the mountains, skiing, etc.). Modern sports facilities of all kinds are located near the campus. Cultural and social life is also particularly active, with student groups organizing events and meetings.

The Teruel Campus is fully integrated into the city. Large supermarkets, stores, gyms, restaurants, bars with special offers for students, and services of all kinds appear in the streets surrounding the Campus.

The Teruel Campus is also very close to the city center (15 minutes on foot). The city center is always full of life. Local people mix with tourists, temporary visitors or students from diverse backgrounds. It is also home to a large number of restaurants and bars where you can taste delicious Spanish food. There are options for every budget! Pubs, clubs, and discos are also concentrated in a few streets of the city center. They come to live during the evenings and nights.

But Teruel is much more than a University City…

Teruel, city of love

Do you know Romeo and Juliet? A fascinating story… but they were only in Shakespire’s mind! However, in Teruel, we have the true and most vibrant love story: the leyend of the LOVERS OF TERUEL. Isabel and Diego, two young people who lived in medieval times, fell madly in love… But love was not so easy at that time: so exciting and so tragic. Do you want to know more? Look at here
Lovers of Teruel have such importance in the local culture that they have a fantastic mausoleum.

Lovers of teruel
People from Teruel love their lovers. They like them so much that every year, in February, the entire city turns into a medieval village. Everyone wears medieval costumes. The true love story of Isabel and Diego is performed live. Anyone can participate in the performance. Thousands of visitors come to Teruel and the entire city explodes into a celebration of love.  Look at this video 

Teruel medieval

Teruel, city of celebrations

An important part of an international mobility is to live and join the local festivals

Do you know that Teruel has one of the festivals in Spain that attracts the most young people? It is the festival of the “Ángel Custodio”, more popularly known as “Vaquillas”. Young people from all over Spain come to Teruel to live intensely for four days and four nights. It all begins with placing the symbol of the celebration (a red scarf) on the neck of the city icon (a sculpture of a small bull, called "Torico"). All participants wear a white t-shirt that turns purple due to the tons of wine that are thrown into the air. Look at this video.

Do your Erasmus with us!

If you want more information, you can write an email to us and we will help you with all the necessary steps to make your Erasmus stay a fantastic experience. 

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